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Living Room

Interior & Exterior



Wedding Bouquet
Fern leaf


consultations start at $50 ~
walk through fee based on number of rooms & time.
I style your home or business with live and/or faux plants in gorgeous containers.


consultation starts at $50 if you have containers.
to see the space, talk about ideas,
expectations & see sun exposure.

consultation starts at $100 if you need new containers.
includes all of the above as well as 
taking measurements, pictures & sourcing 
new containers for the space.

Image by Yousef Espanioly


maintenance visits start at $25. 
price is based on number of containers & time. 
we are also happy to bring extra plants
(if notified beforehand)

to replace anything that isn't doing well. 
replacement of plants is an extra charge on top of time & maintenance. 
plant replacement depends on availability. 

We trim, fertilize, pest treat, refresh, & replace. Let's maintain & trim your planters to keep your
investment looking full & fresh all season long.

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