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Fern Plant

Is anyone there?

Today a client told me, "people care about what you have to say." Really, you do? I'm just me. Planting all the plants, singing songs in my head, driving back and forth to greenhouses to hunt and gather all the stuff. Designing planters in my head in the shower and while I fall asleep. But maybe I do have something to offer. "Tip & tricks," she said. "People love that." OK- so here I am, hoping you care about what I have to say.

First tip---to me this is so obvious. BUT, you'd be surprised! Water, water, water. No matter the season. If you have outdoor planters, please water them. If you are unsure if they need water or not just pull the plants to the side and look at the soil. Does it look dry? Feel it. If it feels dry, then water it. Believe me, this is any easy step to forget but they will thank you by staying ALIVE! And I will thank you too!

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