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Milk and Flower Bath
About Oak & Thyme


Milk and Flower Bath


I have two decades experience in the floral

industry with focus on design, container gardens & plants. 

Providing the local community with my living work keeps my creativity alive & I am happy to share my passion with you.

I have a love of the outdoors & gardening. 

a passion for flowers & plants.

and a gift of color, texture & design.

Pink Roses

"Our office needed new life to it and the arrangements you have put together bring joy & warmth to our entrance.  Many customers comment on it and I am more than happy to talk your business up. There is an art to what you do and you do it so well!! Can't wait to see the planter evolve as we go through the seasons. Thanks for inspiring me!!


"oak & thyme was so great to work with! she definitely understood our style, and i appreciate her input and direction. i know very little about plants and flowers, but i do know what colors, textures and looks we're drawn to. they were able to translate my limited knowledge into exactly what we wanted. in fact, i freaked out (in a good way) when i saw them because they were so spectacular."


"thank you for the beautiful job on our planters."


"oak & thyme completely understands how to work smoothly with their clients to deliver satisfaction. they have a great eye for detail, gives planter suggestions and options based on area and lighting. Oak & Thyme Co was a treat to work with on my planters for my wedding. I now swap the flowers out seasonally and i love the sentiment behind the planters."


"we just filled planters for our home for the first time, and working with oak & thyme was so easy. her designs are beautiful, and we couldn't be more pleased."


"I hired oak & thyme, not sure if i needed the services. it turns out that the amount of pleasure i get from seeing my planters everyday, has made it feel like her services are more valuable than i had realized."



Boxford PTO

Boxford PTO
Cole School Fall Planter
Ziti with you Sweetie Corsage
Boxford Pto Donation Fundraiser

Planting up Cole & Spofford from 2020-2023, Creating boutonnieres & corsages for the Ziti with your Sweetie Dance & donating pretty gardens for the annual gala fundraiser.

'oak & thyme lays down roots'

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BCK Sprout
BCK Sprout

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She Owns it Podcast
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Oak & Thyme Workshop
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Meagan- Owner Oak & Thyme
Oak & Thyme Summer Planters
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