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Box of Plants
Box of Plants

Plant Care

City Plants
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Things to Remember

  • know the names of your plants and know what kind of light & water they prefer

  • trim back any yellowing or dead leaves to maintain health and shape of the plant

  • general rule of thumb is: if you have yellowing leaves you are watering too much and dried dead leaves you are watering too little

  • don't feel like you have to keep a plant forever- it's ok to refresh & start again

  • find the plants you do best with and stick with those. a lot of times there's different varieties of the same general plant



Water mister for easy added moisture

a water mister is a great tool for plants that require a little extra moisture & there are some pretty ones out there. can usually be purchased at local garden or nursery.

Water meter to check water level in plants

a water meter is a great tool and takes the guesswork out of watering your plants. works well for larger house plants with a lot of soil. can be found at local garden or nursery.

Water dropper for harder to reach spots

a medicine dropper is a great for watering succulents & hard to reach terrariums. It allows for small amounts of water in a concentrated area.

Chopsticks to check soil moisture

take-out chopsticks are great for measuring moisture. Insert into  soil- if it comes out dry, then your plant needs water. If it comes out damp, then your plant is good with water.

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