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join in the fun...
slow down, make connections,
get your hands dirty & 'love your life'

Leaves Shadow

Rooted in Thyme Kids Workshops
be ready to get your hands dirty, make new connections, slow down & 'Love Your Life'


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Oak & Thyme Kids

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Why Workshops?

Seasonal workshops at various northshore locations.

step by step instructions. 
Grab your mom, sister, aunt, grandma, a group of friends
or just bring yourself to slow down, get your hands dirty &
'Love your Life'.
Give your child the gift of slowing down & living in the moment.
My younger brother recently passed away & in my grief and
darkness I was looking for the light. I decided I wanted to be the light.
I've used his death to push myself to grow.
Step out of my comfort zone & do things I was afraid to do.

He used to say,
"love your life'. 

these simple three words are an important message.
if this experience helps you slow down , live in the moment,
smile & make connections, then I'm here for it.

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